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Welcome to Lord Amoako Ministries

There, we have placed one simple but profound truth into the very core of our philosophy of ministry: the journey with Christ is both individual—leading to spiritual maturity and understanding—and corporate.
The Lord Amoako Ministries is more than a community; it is a family of faith in Jesus Christ, reaching the world with His love and teachings. Our ministry finds its purpose founded on faith, hope, and love. This is through the faith of believers in the progressive purpose toward eternal life, hope for victorious living that fills abundant humanity, and love that binds all these together. This can be done by nurturing believers through discipleship and encouraging deep and meaningful connections.
Our foundation is, indeed, scripturally based, with the mission of seeing the teachings of Jesus Christ lived out in our time in an authentic, transforming, and response-filled way.
Join Our Journey
We invite you to explore who we are and what we stand for.
Whether you want to strengthen your faith, find a place among the community of believers to call home or are equipped and excited to make a world of difference by the gospel, there is a place for you at Lord Amoako Ministries. Let's take that exhilarating journey of faith, hope, and love together to fill the Great Commission in obedience to His calling in our lives. 

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