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Welcome to Lord Amoako Ministries’ Discipleship page. The life of a Christian is a journey designed for learning and transformation. This transformation is centered on discipleship, which means following Christ and becoming more like Him. Discipleship is learning and being nurtured, taught to be authentically Christian, and to share the good news of Jesus Christ.


Discipleship is based on Jesus Christ’s life. Jesus taught His disciples to live as He did and to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). This is true discipleship, and it involves learning from Jesus and having His integrity, love, faith, and the passion to serve others selflessly. Jesus experienced a life of intimacy with God and a relationship with humanity and compassion. His life deeply involved His teachings and ministry, embracing the cross and self-denial (Luke 9:23), and practicing spiritual disciplines. This is how Jesus designed disciples.


At Lord Amoako Ministries, we are passionate about helping you through this process with our structured training. We will partner with you to learn and grow in the scriptures and faith and equip you to fulfill the great commission, leading to spiritual maturity and serving your family and the people in your community.



Learning and following Jesus' Teaching
Blue and Gold Particles
Relationship and Community
Mission and Service

There are three principal elements of discipleship based on Christian doctrine and the example of Jesus Christ.

Learning and Following Jesus’ Teachings:

This is the foundational element of discipleship. This involves a constant task of understanding the way of life and the teaching of Jesus through biblical studies and putting them into practice. A follower or student is known as a disciple who entails

Relationship and Community:

Discipleship involves learning about our relationship with God and other people. It means belonging to a community where people are accountable, motivated, and encouraged by one another. He had, after all, exemplified this in the way he spent time with the very close company of his disciples, teaching them what it was to love and maintain unity within the body of believers.

Mission and Service:

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) points out the missional aspect of discipleship, which is making disciples for all nations. It involves evangelism, teaching, and serving others in love. The disciples must meet the needs of others, share the good news of the gospel, and become instruments in the growth of God's Kingdom on earth.

All these are woven together and very important for the disciple to grow closer to Christ and help him live in faith in the concreteness of life, to be an effective instrument in furthering the work of the transformation of the world.

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